Classic Smashed Avocado Toast

Rebeka Bergin Rebeka Bergin

    Toast a slice of your favorite whole wheat Bread (gluten free, rye, spelt and other whole grain based breads are all great choices).

    In a small bowl, smash half of a ripe Avocado down with a fork and mix in the Lemon Juice and Sea Salt & Black Pepper, then spread it evenly over your toast.

    Sprinkle on a pinch of dried Chilli Flakes to serve if you want to add some heat.

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Whole Wheat Bread,1 Slice,toasted
Ripe Avocado,½
Lemon Juice,1 Teaspoon
Dried Chilli Flakes (oprtional),A Pinch
Sea Salt & Black Pepper,A Pinch
Rebeka Bergin

Rebeka Bergin

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