Fried Egg & Paprika Smashed Avocado Toast

Rebeka Bergin Rebeka Bergin

    Smash ½ a ripe Avocado down in a bowl and mix it with a pinch of Sea Salt & Black Pepper and the Lemon Juice. Spread it evenly on a slice of toasted whole wheat or gluten free Bread.

    Fry an Egg in Olive Oil to your liking and put it on top of your Smashed Avocado Toast, then season with Sea Salt & Black Pepper and sprinkle with a pinch of Smoked Paprika to serve.

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Whole Wheat Bread,1 Slice,toasted
Ripe Avocado,½
Egg,1 Whole
Smoked Paprika,A Pinch
Lemon Juice,1 Teaspoon
Olive Oil,1 Tablespoon
Sea Salt & Black Pepper,A Pinch
Rebeka Bergin

Rebeka Bergin

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