Tuna & Rocket Omelette

Servings: 1



With a fork, whisk together the Eggs, Water and a pinch of Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

Heat a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat for around 30 seconds, then add the Butter to the pan. Once the butter is bubbling and completely covers the pan, pour in the Eggs. Tilt the pan so that the eggs cover the entire surface of the pan, the mixture around the edges should set immediately.

With a fork or spatula, gently push the cooked parts away from the edge of the pan, tilting the pan from side to side, allowing the uncooked parts of the egg to fill the empty spaces and reach the hot surface of the pan.

When no liquid egg remains, cover half of the omelette with the Tuna and Rocket and then gently fold the other side over and slide it onto a plate.

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